Department of Computer Engineering

About the Department

The entire field of engineering and technology is facing an ever-growing phase of information explosion. In order to exploit these phenomena, it is essential to collate, manipulate, analyze and interpret the bulk of information, which is the essence of the subject of computer engineering. Keeping in view all of the above facts, the six semester diploma course in computer engineering offers an equal importance in theoretical and practical engineering skills in the following areas.

  • Application development in day-to-day business.
  • Design and development of web-based application.
  • Design and development of database management system.
  • State-of-art application development by using various software tools and techniques.
  • Exploring the area of information security.
  • Hence its application in all fields will provide job opportunities for the Computer Engineering diploma holders.
  • Study in detail about computer organization, hardware and network programs.
  • Use of various communication technologies for proper dissemination of information.


  • Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
  • Linux Laboratory
  • C-Programming Laboratory
  • Computer Apps Laboratory
  • Java Programming Laboratory
  • Data Structures using C Laboratory
  • Life and Employability Skills Laboratory
  • Web Programming Laboratory
  • Relational Database Management Systems Laboratory
  • Component Based Technology Laboratory
  • Computer Servicing and Networking Laboratory
  • Mobile Computing Laboratory
  • Multimedia Systems Laboratory

Head of the Department
24 yrs Experience
Academic Credentials:
  • B.E. (Computer Science Engg)
  • Life Member
  • Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
  • Coordinator
    • Sym-Po-Tium
      Technical Symposium Committee
  • Mr.B.Rajesh B.E.,
  • Lecturer